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There was no more future at our former employer, so we (Mr Michael Riedel and Mr Ramon Krick) decided us to the professional self-employment and so we are founded the company RK Umformtechnik / Riedel + Krick GbR in the year 2007 based in Mittenaar-Offenbach.

At our old company we were responsible for the manufacturing of drawing dies, rolls and special tools.
Then as today, we are an established team.

Under great pressure of time and great efforts, we have made the impossible possible. With full activity and a couple of helping hands all this has been realized. Ongoing expansions brought more feelings of success.

At this point we want thanks Mr Hans Theis, he was our former lessor and a good friend, too.

In the year 2010 was the first exhibit at the fair WIRE Duesseldorf, thus our company becomes a internationally known.

Further in the same year we had an increase of customers and growing order situation, whereby our production hall reached its limits. We had to search a new location and after accurate selection a new location was found very fast.

November 2010, our production moves to “Herborn – Hörbach”, into the former manufacturing halls from the company “Ziehstein Kämpfer GmbH”.

The summary of die manufacturing and engineering could be put into practice here very well, so that we now can offer our customers an "All-in-one" solution.

In January of the year 2011, for the time being the last and biggest change in our firm history has happened. Even the conversion of the company “R + K Umformtechnik GbR” in to the “RK Umformtechnik GmbH + Co. KG” and at the same time the entry of Mr Hans Peter Kämpfer as third member of company.